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Instant Download

  • MP3 / WAV
  • No Trackouts
  • Sell up to 5,000 Copies
  • 100,000 Audio Streams
  • Deal: 4 Beats for $50

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Instant Download

  • MP3 / WAV
  • Trackouts
  • Sell up to 10,000 Copies
  • 200,000 Audio Streams
  • Deal: 4 Beats for $100

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Instant Download

  • MP3 / WAV
  • Trackouts
  • Sell Unlimited Copies
  • 400,000 Audio Streams
  • Deal: 4 Beats for $200

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Frequently Asked Questions

Type beats are simply the method producers use to market and describe what artist they had in mind while creating the beat. All beats on my store are 100% original and are not copied from anywhere, type beats help rappers in choosing what type of beats they want.
Trackouts, also known as tracked out audio files, multi-tracks, stems etc. are the separate high-quality WAV audio files of an instrumental, for example, Kick, Bass, Snare, Hat, Piano, Percussion, Instruments, FXs etc. Trackouts are in the industry standard and will provide you or your audio engineer more control over editing, mixing and mastering the beat and the song.
I don’t sell exclusives licenses at the moment as I’m building up my store and due to this I sell only unlimited licenses, which means you get all the rights of an exclusive license but the beat is not exclusive to you.
However, If you are interested in buying an exclusive license and are prepared to invest accordingly please message me with your offer.
All purchase your tracks today tags will be removed. Producer tags “Jon The Dreamer” will not be removed.
* MP3 – 320kbps 44.1 kHz This file is just for listening and should not be used to release your song with.
* WAV – Stereo / 24bit / 44.1 kHz (High-Quality Files)This is the high-quality file that’s come right out of my music software. You should be releasing your song using this file. These files come with headroom and can be limited for good mixing and mastering by your engineer
* Contract – PDF File – You license will come with a contract outlining all the licensing terms and pdf file, Please read as you do not want to void your license by not doing something correctly.
Yes at any time you can upgrade your license. Please message me¬†quoting your original order number and you’ll just be required to pay the difference to upgrade your license. This will be processed through a new order where you’ll be able to download your Trackout files.
Yes, you can pay using both methods. Paypal offers a guest checkout option if you’d prefer to use your Debit Card through them instead of Stripe.
My CAE/IPI number is 817477902. If you plan on releasing your song(s) on digital platforms it is required that you register the song with ASCAP / BMI or the PRO for your country. This is how you make money with the broadcasting of your songs.
When you add the song to either Performing Rights Organization there is a section to add JON THE DREAMER as the composer / producer.
The royalty split is you own 100% of your lyrics and I own 100% of my beat(s), which looks like 50% for the artist and 50% for the producer – 50/50.
If you have any questions about this please message me

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